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Canalys:2017 Chinese smartphone annual shipments fell for the first time
Source:      Date:2018-01-28
NetEase technology news January 26th, according to TechCrunch website report, market analysis company Canalys released the latest data today, the annual shipments of China's smart phone market in 2017 declined for the first time, and there is no sign of growth again.

As early as the second quarter of 2017, China's smartphone shipments fell down, but this was the first time that the downward trend lasted for up to 12 months. Data from Canalys showed that in 2017, China's smartphone shipments were down 4% year on year, about 459 million. In particular, shipments in the fourth quarter were down 14% from the same period last year, only 113 million.

Despite the signs of saturation, in the last quarter of 2017, HUAWEI maintained an impressive growth rate, with a shipment volume of 24 million, which is 9 percentage points higher than the market average. In addition, sales of OPPO and vivo have surged in emerging markets in Asia and are selling strongly on the global market. But in the Chinese market, their sales fell by 16% and 7%, respectively, with 19 million and 17 million shipments, respectively.

Finally, the release of iPhone X and iPhone 8 helped Apple Corp reach 13 million in China in the fourth quarter of 2017, ranking fourth.

The slowdown in China's economic growth has prompted local mobile phone brands to look overseas, and many companies have turned to India, where they beat their native rivals. In emerging markets such as Indonesia, shipments are also growing sharply. In particular, millet defeated Samsung in India in the fourth quarter and entered parts of Spain, Mexico, Russia and Africa.

The United States has proven to be a more difficult market. Millet has been selling accessories there for some time, although there are many public statements of intent, but the company has not yet realized the leap in smartphones. The more aggressive mobile phone manufacturers have encountered tough resistance. AT&T, the second largest US operator, has cancelled the plan to sell HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro after being under the pressure of the government.

HUAWEI plans to release the Mate 10 Pro in the US, and invites Gail Gadot Gal Gadot as the chief experience officer. But the key way and U.S. carriers trading is still HUAWEI to reach more users, although HUAWEI has the best buy (Best Buy), Amazon (Amazon) and other major retailers as a distribution channel, but if there is no additional driving force, the company won't end up like that it wants to enter the American market.

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