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Moutai, Wuliangye to "rub" heat, the block chain technology threshold is how low?
Source:      Date:2018-01-26
"At present, there are few domestic companies with sufficient technical strength to support the underlying structure of the block chain. If you have to give an example, Baidu, Sogou, grudgingly. " A person in the industry directly comments on Lei Feng network that many enterprises are involved in the block chain.

"To be good to hear is the layout of the advance, say it is difficult to listen to the stock price." And this wind across the eastern and Western Hemisphere, including Moutai, Kodak, Stapleton Capital and so on.

Application of block chain technology council chief expert Zhang Jun Lei Feng said on the net, the block chain has been widely applied to wine, luxury goods, fruit, and even a pet, is using its traceability, tamper proof characteristics, exploring different scenarios, but also inevitably some possibility of speculation.

Moutai Wuliangye is also "rubbing" block chain

Recently, Moutai group and the wave group held a symposium on the preparations for the joint venture company. The two sides established effective working mechanism through communication and cooperation to speed up the establishment of the joint venture company.

According to Lei Feng (public No.: Lei Feng network) understanding, the meeting, the wave of the group responsible person proposed by the strength of the Moutai brand, new technology play a wave of cloud computing, big data, block chain, to provide quality services for high-end users, to create a credible eco system of the whole industry chain cooperation vision.

After all, this is the official rhetoric to convey the old enterprise Moutai take block chain breeze, and make full use of existing resources layout.

In fact, according to Lei Feng network, Moutai was associated with block chain, first in May of last year, and endorsed by the Guizhou provincial Party committee and Tencent CEO Ma Huateng.

At the May 28th Guiyang Expo, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said that the future cloud based hybrid anti-counterfeiting technology with block chain technology is far more effective than traditional anti-counterfeiting methods relying on anti-counterfeiting trademarks. Block chain technology is a neutral existence. It is like an account that records all transaction data and can be used to verify the authenticity of the information.

At that time, Lei Feng network also had related reports. Chen Gang, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Committee and Guiyang municipal Party committee secretary, said the block chain is an integrated technology, a data revolution, a reconstruction of order, and a turning point of an era. At the same time, the block chain has a decentralized, distributed and intelligent books, do not tamper with the contract time stamp four technical features, let blockchain innate ability to transfer trust and the reconstruction of the value system and rules of order, just can speed balance control of artificial intelligence control.

Including another hundred years of liquor brand Wuliangye, in December 27th last year, also announced a strategic partnership with IBM, Wuliangye said, with the help of IBM leading cloud computing, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence technology, to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of wine and machinery, packaging, logistics, health and finance, artificial intelligence, boosting Wuliangye's overall management system of digital upgrading and industrial restructuring and development, business model innovation.

Readers who often pay close attention to Lei Feng network block chain related reports should find out a widely cited reason why "get involved in block chain". In specific cases, soaring stock prices may bring more "stimulus" to the industry than technology itself.


The stock has gone up by the hot wind in the block.

In January 9, 2018, Kodak, which had made 129 years of film business, announced the cooperation with WENN Digital, a British media company, to launch the image copyright platform named KODAKOne and the numeral currency named Kodak currency (KODAKCoin). On the same day, Kodak's share price soared from $3.1 to $7.13, or 130%. As of today's Lei Feng net, Kodak's share price has reached $10.85.

According to Kodak's description, KODAKOne is a block chain like electronic account book. Users can track and protect their photos, detect unauthorized and unauthorized photos, and manage all photos uploaded. In addition, users can also use Kodak money to buy picture copyright on the platform, and can also use these currencies to trade on other block chain platforms.

Kodak CEO Jeff Clark (Jeff Clarke) said, "for the copyright obsessed photographers, block chain and digital currency are the key to help them solve this problem."

Stapleton Capital, a telecommunications takeover agency on the other side of Europe, has joined the trend.

According to the Lei Feng network to understand, Stapleton Capital had focused on the acquisition of Telecom assets, this Monday (January 22nd), Stapleton Capital announced that the company name changed to Blockchain Worldwide, and business focus to block chain technology within the industry to acquire ", a step jump to" block chain ", benefit from this, Stapleton Capital in the short term to achieve 130% stocks rose, and in January 22nd the same day rose steadily to 45%.

According to BI's Chinese station, Stapleton Capital chairman Jon Hale (Jon Hale) said: "in recent months, we saw many exciting opportunities about the block chain. We believe that the underlying technology is likely to subvert many industries around the world... If we buy one or more exciting new technologies, the strategic adjustment and the corresponding rename can create huge shareholder value. "

None of the above cases alone, December 2017, gaming company Veltyco announced that it will begin with the block chain and discuss possible suppliers of encryption currency cooperation, then the share price rose 20%. In October 2017, On-Line PLC, after adding the "block chain" to the company's name, shares the stock price.
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